Our Collaborators

Professor Jennifer Beecham

Jennifer’s research over the last 30 years has taken an economic perspective towards health and social care a range of conditions that cross ‘traditional’ health and social care boundaries, such as eating disorders and disability.

Professor Suman Ambwani

Suman's current research focuses on the development and evaluation of guided self-help interventions for people with anorexia nervosa, and understanding etiological and maintenance factors for eating-related psychopathology.

Professor Ulrike Schmidt

Ulrike is a psychiatrist and professor of eating disorders at the IOPPN. A key focus of her research is the development of brief psychological interventions for eating disorders and use of novel ‘brain-directed treatments’.

Andrew Radford

Andrew has been the charity BEAT’s chief executive since July 2015. Andrew has worked in the voluntary sector for over 25 years supporting children, families and communities.

Professor Jon Arcelus

Jon is a professor of mental health at the University of Nottingham and is involved with the Adult Eating Disorder Service within Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust.