The Clinical & Research Team

Professor Janet Treasure

Janet is a psychiatrist who has worked extensively with carers and patients to improve treatment and make it more accessible. She has led several research trials and has trained over 40 PhD students and numerous clinicians. Her research always has a large clinical interface.

Dr Valentina Cardi

Valentina is a clinical psychologist lecturer and has been working in eating disorders for 16 years. Her research focuses on the development and experimental testing of novel interventions to improve patients and families’ quality of life.

Dr Pamela MacDonald

Pam Macdonald has been working on the development of carer interventions for 12 years.  Her passion was sparked by personal experience whilst caring for a loved one with an eating disorder.

Ms Gill Todd

Gill has worked for over 16 years as a Clinical Nurse Leader, specialising in Eating Disorders. Gill is also a member of the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT).

Mr Dan Willmott

Dan is a research assistant on the TRIANGLE project, with personal experience in supporting people with eating disorders. He has previously worked for CYP-IAPT as a Children’s Wellbeing Practitioner.

Ms Katie Rowlands

Katie is a Research Assistant for the TRIANGLE Project and PhD Student, with a special interest in eating disorder research. Katie has been involved in supporting research projects at the Institute of Psychiatry for 4 years.

Ms Danielle Clark Bryan

Danielle is a Research Assistant on the TRIANGLE Project, with a special interest in peer support for people with eating disorders and their carers. Danielle previously worked in school safeguarding practice and young people’s mental health.